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Of all the riders in the ProTour peloton, it makes perfect sense that Dave Zabriskie would be the one to formulate and market a new chamois cream. Why Dave Z? We think it's for 2 reasons: (1) For years he's been recognized as the world's most aero TT rider. And, as we all know, it ain't a real TT unless you've got nuking legs, scorching lungs, and a crotch that feels like it's been on the business end of a ball peen hammer. The nose of your saddle in a TT does you no favors, so TT experts like Dave Z do anything possible to ease the pounding on deez nuts. (2) Over the last few seasons, Dave has had an unusual amount of spare time on his hands. In the '05 Tour de France he won the yellow jersey in the Stage 1 TT, only to lose it shortly thereafter thanks to a freak crash at the very end of the TTT -- the injuries from which forced him to drop out of the race. The '08 Giro treated him little better, with another crash forcing an early exit. In his downtime he could've cultivated his already-well honed skills at slam poetry. But instead he indulged his interest in science and worked with a pharmaceutical lab to develop the product now known as DZ Nuts High Viscosity Chamois Cream.Some quick background for you about chamois creams in general: Did you know that for the last 4 years our #1 selling product by unit here at Competitive Cyclist has been Assos Chamois Cream? It doesn't cost much, but the enjoyment it brings to your riding experience is dramatic. If you've never used any, you need to understand that chamois cream ain't snake oil. Once you start using it, you can't imagine not. Even for a 30-minute bike commute to work, we find ourselves reaching for the white jar since it makes the simple act of pedaling so much less abrasive and pinch-prone to our skin.The deep, dark truth about Assos' cream is this, though: Its popularity isn't due to the fact that it's remarkably better than the other chamois cream options in the marketplace. Rather, up to now it's been the only cream that consistently stays in stock at its distributor. Assos' historic rivals like NRG and Elite Ozone make quite nice chamois creams themselves, and we'd gladly use them if we were out of Assos. But for whatever reason, their supply is chronically low or gone, so we embrace the path of least resistance: The easily available Assos.This brings us back to DZ Nuts. Why choose it over Assos? For us, the texture of DZ Nuts is noticeably different from Assos. DZ Nuts has the consistency of a moisturizing cream like Lubriderm or Eucerin. We use these creams in day-to-day life, and there's something comforting to its familiar feel on our fingertips. But unlike Lubriderm, which gets thoroughly absorbed in your skin after you rub it for 5 or 10 seconds, DZ Nuts layers up on the surface of your skin with just the right amount of slickness. Assos is less like a cream, and more like a jiggly paste. It's not to say that Assos' cream isn't another effective option, but the textur

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