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You gotta begin somewhere. Trigger Point Performance Therapy (aka TPPT) was founded on pain. Cassidy Phillips was an athlete suffering from fibromyalgia; a medical condition that typically means the individual suffers from chronic muscle and tissue pain. He found that trigger point therapy, going to certain areas of the body to release tension and increase blood flow, helped ease his pain. He created products that would allow him to work on his own body and thus TPPT was born. Their Starter Set gets you working on the most basic and essential muscles and begins you on your way to finding both greater relaxation and better performance.TPPT is about self-massage. In the past, self-massage has largely meant putting your feet up on a wall, letting gravity help with blood flow, and using your fingers to work your muscles. The problem for many is that it's hard to know how hard to work the muscles, and even when you know, you're either too tired you don't want to bother or your hands just aren't strong enough to go for long.TPPT products work in two ways: first, they mimic the feel of a human hand and second, they allow you to use your body weight to apply pressure. The feel of a human hand might be one of the keys to massage; it's soft and firm at the same time. The TPPT products that contact your body have the same features, soft on the outside, firm on the inside. And the way you apply pressure is not by gripping or squeezing with your hands, but allowing your body weight, with help from gravity, to press against the TPPT items.The Starter Set comes with a Foam Block, a Footballer, and a Massage Ball. The block and footballer can be used together or as separate tools. The massage ball can be used all over your body.Put the block on the floor and the footballer on top of it, and you can use it to massage your soleus muscle and calves. In the TPPT way of thinking, these are the first muscles to hit as they support the rest of the body. The massage ball is extremely versatile. It can be used on your piriformis (an important muscle in the middle of your glutes), as well as your pectorals easily, and with a little extra manipulation, your neck, shoulders, back, and more.TPPT sees their products as both

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