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Saving One Bike At A Timeâ„¢

No more hiding your garage opener or putting a garbage can in front of your garage!

BikeBouncerâ„¢ - the ultimate defense against accidental garage entry. Automatically drops down when garage door opens, placing a barrier between your car and disaster.

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Sign Dimensions: 36” L x 12” W -- Thickness: 2mm durable , organic plastic (black)
Uses Engineer Grade Enclosed Lens Reflective Film -- Visible for over 300 feet, day or night
Rated: 7 Years -- Sealed at factory with protective plastic
Easy to Install -- Includes 2 hooks, 2 anchors, and instructions for installation
Installs on most standard garage doors -- Quick on-and-off before and after riding
Fool-proof reminder system -- Is a physical barrier to entry

Prevents the most common accident encountered by roof rack owners -- Potentially saves thousands of dollars in damage to bike, rack, car, and home


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[Feb 21, 2007]
Recreational Rider


Stops the most common roof rack accident. Made of DOT rated enclosed lens reflective film - same stuff on your license plate or road signs, so it returns most of the light hitting it. Easy to put on and off (easier than moving a garbage can!)


Installation requires you to drill two small holes on the metal reinforcemtn bar of the second panel from the bottom (inside) - good for the handyman, not for people afraid of power tools

I have driven into my garage 2x with the bike on top. I have tried what everyone else has tried: putting something in front of the door or hiding the opener so that I'll have to stop and get out of the car. Problem is: you come home and someone has moved the garbage can or they opened the garage and - BAM! ...disaster again.

BikeBouncer is sturdy, reflective, you can't drive throught it (you have to stop and remove it) and its a relief to see it when the door opens.

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