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[Dec 18, 2017]
Recreational Rider


Bright light, easy rubber strap mount. Lots of power settings, long battery life.The quality every Lyzine product caries.


This light has a very wide pattern that doesn't help the road rider.They don't make super bright lights for roadies, they make lower power commuter lights. I don't need to see way to far the side 10' in front of me. I want a long narrow spotlight to illuminate the road far ahead and directly in front when I'm bombing down the long straight hills at 30 MPH. This is a great light for MTB

Every review for super bright lights seem they favor MTB riders. I've have had a Lyzine 600 lumen Super Drive for years works great, it was one the of the brightest light available when I bought it. I don't ride in the dark often, but nights come early in the winter when the sun sets behind the mountains at 4:30. In the winter the warmest time of the day is 2:00-4:00 so I head out late, I still get home with frozen fingers and water bottles, I go out for long 5 hour rides. I live near the top of a tall hill with sections of rolling downhill to the top and the last 45 minutes are in the dark. On the down hill sections I can easily hit 30 MPH, and even with this light I'd like to see further down the road. This light is a vast improvement over my 600 lumen light, but I'd really like further reach. Even when I get into the more crowded neighborhoods at slower speeds I'd like to see better further down the road.They need put a lens in this light that puts all the light straight down the road, it would be much better for roadies.

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