Tacx Dynamic Carbon Assembly Paste Lube


With the advent of carbon fiber components has come the awkward change of a time-honored detail of bike building: In the past you always put a nice dollop of grease on pretty much everything when you installed components. How things have changed! Nowadays grease -- especially on a carbon seatpost -- can sometimes be a surefire path to heartbreak. The slick clearcoat on many carbon components makes it so that if they come in contact with grease they're all-but-un-tightenable. The result is that people overtorque bolts in a futile attempt to keep said components from slipping, which ultimately wreaks carnage through snapped bolts, cracked clamps, and sometimes dented or crushed components. Inserting components dry isn't an ideal solution. Dry components make noise, they corrode, and they too sometimes slip. Tacx invented their Dynamic Assembly Compound to cure these very problems. Think of it as Oil of Olay for your expensive bike gear: Use it for anything threaded or anything carbon on your bike. Its adhesive effect on carbon/carbon interfaces (i.e. carbon seatpost/carbon frameset) will allow you to reduce the amount of tightening torque you'll need by upwards of 30%. Beyond this, not unlike using Ti Prep on a titanium frame, it prevents the seizure of carbon/carbon interfaces. It's an antidote for corrosion, noise, over-torquing, and slippage. Comes in an 80g tube.

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