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Steel is real. You don't often hear that when describing pumps, but there is something timeless and rock-solid about a steel pump shaft. The Lezyne Steel Travel Floor Drive Pump features a steel barrel and piston, topped by a solid varnished wood handle, and an aluminum base. It's designed to fit in compact spaces. A small trunk, a suitcase, the bottom of a bike bag, or even a travel case. To that end, the pump is 20 inches tall. And the overall package is shallower than Lezyne's other floor pumps at 2.3 inches and narrower at 7.5 inches. Small touches make a difference when cramming as much gear as possible in a small space, so that the hose is a shade under 20 inches and it is in line with the gauge and barrel is a great thing. The gauge has been narrowed to a diameter of 1.5in to take up less space as well.One place where you'll find no changes is at the chuck. It still as the Flip Chuck with ABS bleed valve, so you can pump up both Schrader and Presta tubes. The included Speed Chuck is a great add-on for people who prefer slip-on pump chucks. It also sports a 90-degree angle, so it can fit in the valve port of disc wheels. The Lezyne Steel Travel Floor Drive Pump measures 20 x 7.5 x 2.3in (508 x 190 x 60mm). The handle is 9.5in. The claimed weight is 2.4lbs (1.1kg). The interior diameter of the barrel is 28mm, which means the pump has been optimized for high pressure applications. The color is Gloss Black.

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