Park Tool Co. GP-2 Super Patch Kit Tools


This new patch combines better adhesion and an all new super stretchy film that flexes, twists, and turns right along with the tube. With the help of 3M technology the new GP-2 is sure to make it easier than ever to patch tubes with no glue, and no mess.


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[Feb 22, 2012]
Recreational Rider


They last if the preparation is done right. No waiting for glue to dry. Never finding a dried tube of glue ever again.


People who don't know how to prepare the tube for the patch. Won't work on latex tubes.

These glueless patches work great and hold up for the life of the tube. Most complaints come from people who do not have the proper application for using glueless patches, so then they rail against them for a patch that won't hold up. Well, I've been using these patches for over 15 years and never had one fail.

First you need to buff the tube where the hole is slightly larger then the patch will cover, just as you would with a glue on patch. Next you take a alcohol pad and clean the area you buffed, not necessary with glue on patches. Then you peel the patch off the backing being sure to only touch the smallest area of a corner on the patch and then lay down so the hole is in the center of the patch, same as a glue on patch. Then you squeeze the tube and the patch between your index finger and thumb as hard as you can for 30 seconds and repeat for each corner. Lastly check the patch for any areas that look a bit frosty and squeeze that area. You're done, no waiting a couple of minutes for glue to dry.

I have had as many as 13 glueless patches on a 8 year old road tube that was my main tube I used everyday, and a couple of those patches had been on for 8 years. They work if done right.

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Specialized glueless patch, 3M glueless patch; they all work the same as the Park

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