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The BB7 is regarded by many as the ultimate mechanical disc brake. This cable actuated workhorse provides superior stopping power with great modulation and easy adjustment. The BB7 Road model is compatible with standard short pull brake levers found on drop bar equipped bikes. The BB7 Disc Calipers are available in Silver and sold individually. Each set includes one caliper one set of sintered metallic pads and either one 140mm or one 160mm G2 rotor. All mounting hardware is included. Brake levers and cables are not included.


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[Jan 03, 2014]


Looks, brake pad availability, simplicity, pad adjustment.


Price, aged design, initial setup, pad loading, noise, torque steer.

Hi, I have been using a front version close to a year on my Lynskey sportive and have mixed feelings. Its a well proven design, but it is also showing its age. It works well but in good conditions I don't think its that much different to a quality calliper brake. In difficult conditions, e.g. prolonged braking, wet weather and non-sealed surfaces it comes into its own, your braking power and control remains unchanged, 100% different to a calliper brake. I do have issues with it in that initial setup is fiddle, (aligning the calliper to disc) pad changes are fiddly as well and load from the inside, this seriously limits disc choice as the loading taps stick out on the inside. Also I find that from a noise point of view its rather temperamental, sometimes quite sometimes noisy, irritating your riding buddies. Also high speed heavy braking results in significant left hand torque steer, not at all good when trying to rush up and brake sharp and deep into a right hander! A good thing is that being an established design, pads are very easy to get. Really I think Avid have been really lazy putting little effort into improving the design for the road, its basically a big hunk of heavy metal sticking out in the wind. My recommendation, is if you are building a general purpose bike to ride in all conditions and loads, go for it, if you are building a fine weather racer stick with rim brakes. I am left glad I only installed a disc brake on the rear and not the bake, the combo compliments each other.

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