2Xu Refresh Compression Arm Sleeve Warmers


Even though most of the professionals in the European peloton have arms that mirror those of your 10 year old daughter's, don't be fooled; cyclists use their arms a lot. And if you're determined enough to do some cross training such as swimming or rowing, then you'll be using your arms all that much more. The 2XU Refresh Compression Arm Sleeves are designed to facilitate blood flow, while you rest, to aid in recovery. They're especially helpful after long distance or off road efforts that naturally put more of a strain on your upper body.The folks at 2XU have applied their knowledge of compression fabrics to develop specific fabrics meant for use during recovery times, as opposed to their compression products that are designed specifically for use on the bike. While compression fabrics used during exercise require a bit more stretch and moisture management, items like the Refresh Compression Arm Sleeves will use the 2XU PWX Power fabric with nylon elastomeric yarns which has a more rigid knit construction and will enhance the compression. The Refresh Compression Arm Sleeves have a high denier rating which means that they are dense enough to offer the ultimate in support for your biceps, triceps and forearms.The arm sleeves have a seamless design to avoid restricting circulation, which is the last thing you want. Also, you won't have to worry about how odd your arms will look once you take these off and wear simple short sleeves. Whether at the office or in the grocery story, you don't want unsightly seam imprints in your arms. They've been designed to have a graduated compression. This allows them to be comfortable, even though they help the pumping action of the cardiovascular system. Reducing muscle swelling and soreness will mean that you?ll feel like heading out day after day pushing every part of your body.The 2XU Refresh Compression Arm Sleeves are available in Black and come in sizes X-Small through X-Large.

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