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[Jan 05, 2013]
Recreational Rider


good optics, rubber ear and nose pieces keep the glasses in place, venting keeps from fogging up, side "wings" keep cold air out of eyes


hard to switch lenses

These are very nice sunglasses. I got the "yellow" frames which are really more of a hi-vis or safety yellow than a typical yellow in color.

They came with mirrored dark tinted, yellow and clear lenses. They also came with a spare nose piece, a soft bag and a hard-shell case for the glasses.

I tried switching out the lenses and it is pretty tough. I was concerned with breaking something on my brand new glasses, so I didn't force it. I did manage to snap out and replace the lens eventually.

I didn't even try to remove the nose piece as it seemed really in place.

Really though, I usually would only use the tinted lens because my eyes are really sensitive to bright light. The yellow lens is nice for increasing visual acuity on cloudy days. I figure on using the extra nose piece with the yellow lens so I can switch easily if needed. I won't be using the clear lens at all.

As I mentioned, my eyes don't like bright light, and I wish the tinted lens was a little darker.

Whenever I ride I have two main problems with sunglasses:

Cold air makes my eyes water. Then the tears drip down across the glasses lens and for the whole rest of the ride I have a big smear across my field of vision. The Crow Pros deal with this through the extended wings on the left and right side of the lens. This protects the eyes from cold air for the most part.

The other problem I have is with the glasses fogging up. When climbing, my exhalations travel up across my face. Invariably, this causes the glasses to fog up. The Crow Pros have several holes at the top of the lens which increases ventilation and, voilà, no foggy lenses.

Moreover, the price on these is very reasonable when compared to other cycling specific eyewear.

The construction is good, the optics provide excellent viewing, and the rubber ear and nose contact areas keep the sunglasses in place on my face.

I am very happy with my Uvex Crow Pros.

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