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[Feb 13, 2016]
Road Racer


Good winter helmet for holding in the heat


Fit adjustability is horrible

Aero helmets do not breathe well. (period) But that is why I own one. I first owned a Giro Air Attack Shield and used it as a winter helmet because it holds in the heat. But I crashed and dented the Giro, so I decided to replace it with this helmet. This helmet has vents that you can open or close depending on what you want. More air does pass through with the vents open, but not that much. If you are feeling overheated, you are not going to get a big sense of relief when you open them up. I am using this as a winter helmet, so I keep them closed. I guess there could be some benefit for those early spring rides that are cold in the morning, but heat up a little as the day progresses. The helmet is light and well made. I have seen reviews that say the vent mechanism seems cheap. I do not agree. The helmet looks good. The shield is fine. I had the same problem with both the Giro shield and this one. They both let air through to your eyes at high speed. If I go out to with the shield in place, I also wear glasses under the shield. Otherwise I can't see through the tears when I get moving. I have also seen reviews that state that you can't take the shield off and store on the helmet. This is not true. You can turn it over and stick it to the helmet. But it is really difficult to do. You have to fiddle to try to find the sweet spot where the magnets will stick. Not even close to the ease of storing the shield on the Giro. The reason why I could never recommend this helmet is the fit adjustments. They are the worst. The side straps are really tough to move around and secure. The retention system with the rear dial is just not very precise. I think UVEX has the best retention system. I think Giro is a close 2nd. Bell isn't even in the game with their system. Very difficult to use and not at all precise. I don't know about the aero advantages. The claims make sense. But no one seems to be able to confirm the marketing claims of any of the helmet makers. The online reviews will give higher marks to this helmet over the Giro because this one breathes better. But I am looking for a winter helmet, so I have the opposite reaction. I would not describe this helmet as uncomfortable, but it does not end up tight enough because of the retention system and the confounding strap adjustment. I have been messing with the straps for weeks and can't get them right. I dread every time I decide to try again because of the way the cinch guide things work.

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