Catlike Whisper Plus Deluxe Helmets


Every season, there are certain pieces of each team's kit that stand out in the cacophony of colors, shapes, and sounds all screaming for attention in the pro peloton. The unflinchingly professional black and blue Pinarello Dogma 2s ridden by Team Sky are the first to come to mind. Or the retina-burning fluo green Rudy Project sunglasses worn by Liquigas-Cannondale. Or the vibrant Basque-orange kits and matching Orbea Orcas from Euskatel-Euskadi. Or how about the contemporary dot-matrix red and black jerseys worn by BMC Racing Team? But, of course, the foremost example is the attention-commanding Catlike helmets worn by MoviStar. The Catlike Whisper Deluxe certainly makes a dramatic, memorable statement that resounds long after the MoviStar sprinters cross the finish line. Catlike uses an in-mold process to fuse the shell and foam liner as a singular structure when the helmet is formed. The slick outer shell is abrasion-resistant, and lets the helmet slide instead of sticking and jerking when you hit the ground. And even though it's very light, Catlike's crash energy splitter (CES) technology diffuses the energy of a crash across multiple nerves or ribs between the vents. Speaking of vents, there are a total of 39 of them; each is uniquely shaped for maximum air intake, with a corresponding exhaust port in the rear. The unique rib construction enhances the Whisper's ventilation capabilities, allowing for the vents to help dramatically reduce the overall shell mass and create the helmet's signature 'swiss cheese' aesthetic. Lest you think Catlike's helmets are all about looks, consider the MPS (Multi Position System) retention system. It uses a rubberized plastic strap that attaches into, and pivots from, a socket in the shell of the helmet at the temple. It follows the side of your head and curves around towards the back, where it floats freely from the nylon web straps. The rubberized strap is soft and pliable, so it never gets crimped or warped in your gear bag, and it always conforms to your head's natural shape. The MPS suspension has two lateral adjusters that have a push button release on a ratchet strap that connects across the back of the head to allow for circumferential adjustment. This allows the whole system to slide up and down on the rearward web straps. So up, down, and around, the Whisper Plus can comfortably accommodate a wide variety of head shapes.Catlike provides helmets for Team MoviStar, and now to our very own Competitive Cyclist Racing Team. The Catlike Whisper Deluxe differs only slightly from the team-issue Whisper Plus; most notably in their monochromatic shell color options. The detachable visor is sold separately. Plugs for the visor holes are included, for when the visor is not in use. The Whisper Deluxe is available in Small, Medium, or Large, and comes in a wide range of accenting colorways, one of which is certain to perfectly match your team kit. Choose from a Black shell with Green, Orange, Red, or White accent

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