Catlike Whisper Plus Helmets


The Whisper Plus is Catlike's top shelf offering, the model used by MoviStar on the international race calendart. It's visually notable in that its design is very organic, as if modeled after a honeycomb or interconnecting bubbles. In truth, it's sculpted for serious airflow with its 39 vents and dual flow technology. Even at slow speeds, a huge amount of air can enter the helmet in the front and top vents, pass over your head, and exit out the back. In addition to its iconic design, it's known for this efficient cooling effect. Catlike uses an in-mold process to create the shell and foam liner as a one piece structure when the helmet is formed. The slick outer shell adds abrasion resistance and lets the helmet slide instead of sticking and jerking when you hit the ground. ...The rubberized strap is soft and pliable?up, down, and around, theWhisper Plus can comfortably accommodate...And even though it's very light, their crash energy splitter (CES) technology makes sure that the energy of a crash is diffused across multiple nerves or ribs between the vents. Catlike did their homework when they designed the MPS (multi position system) suspension. It uses a rubberized plastic strap that attaches into (and pivots from) a socket in the shell of the helmet at the temple. It follows along the side of your head and curves around towards the back, where it hangs from the nylon web straps. The rubberized strap is soft and pliable, so it never gets crimped or warped in your gear bag, and it always conforms to your natural shape. The MPS suspension has two lateral adjusters that have a push button release on a ratchet strap that connects across the back of the head to allow for circumferential adjustment, and the whole system slides up and down on the rearward web straps. So up, down, and around, the Whisper Plus can comfortably accommodate.The Catlike Whisper Plus Helmet is available in Cervelo White, Matte Black, Red/White, Rainbow, White/Carbon, and White. It comes in three sizes -- Small, Medium, and Large. Please note: US Catlike dealers are prohibited from shipping Catlike Helmets outside of the United States.

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