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Offering all of the trickle-down technology of their top-shelf Sky Pro Team Vertigo at a fraction of the cost, the minty-fresh Kask Mojito Helmet is anything but just another fruity libation. The Mojito features Kask's superlative, Up-N-Down double-pivot fitting system for a supremely dialed fitnot just over your head, but on the back of your neck as well. And, thanks to the reinforced in-mold construction, the Mojito is every bit as crash-proof as it is comfortable.


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[Sep 16, 2013]
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Very comfortable (from a Bell fit perspective, Gyro hurts my head) with a very secure yet not overly tight retention system that sits low on both your forehead and back without the need for constant readjustment.
Great ventilation including sweat vents that channel vapor over the sides of wraparound sunglasses. (I live in a corner of the world you take your kids on Spring Break to avoid the cold. It is hot here at the time of this writing.)
Feels light on the head – as light as the Aeon and Prevail (see cons)
Leatherette chinstrap that buckles on left side.
Holds sunglasses (see cons)
It is really a thing of beauty. Think Ferragamos for your skull. You will get double takes from other cyclists.


Might be cold in winter due to great ventilation.
Sticker inside Large helmet claims weight is 300 grams, but it feels much lighter both in hand and on head.
Sunglasses (Oakley) are not as secure as with many other helmets.

When shopping for helmets my list goes: What do pros wear? What do reviewers say? Specs? Fit? Pros will spend as much time in a season under a lid than most of us will in three years. They will only wear the best of the best so that is a good place to start. Went shopping with a list of high end helmets. Pros, reviewers and specs got shot down by fit on the first two picks on the list. So the field was wide open. Put on a Kask Vertigo and was blown away by fit. It was more comfortable than no helmet. Problem was TeamSky, the only pro team to wear Kask, wears the Mojito because it can hold sunglasses. Tried the Mojito and it was almost as comfortable as the Vertigo. None of the other helmets on the list even came close. And Kask attention to detail is unrivaled. This helmet is overbuilt to the nth degree right down to the Italian flag on the rotary tension adjuster.

If you are shopping for a top shelf lid include this one in your list. Be forewarned it is fair traded so there is no reason not to buy it at your LBS. Expect to order it even at LBS. These helmets are in limited production. Worth every day’s wait.

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