Pearl Izumi Octane Jackets/Vests


  • Optik-WxB is lightweight and packable
  • Detachable hood with visor
  • Internal hood stow pocket
  • Fully taped seams
  • Super-reflective external tape provides bright 360 degree visibility


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[Jul 28, 2010]
Road Racer


4D chamois material but fit and position is the worst i've seen!


4D chamois way too long or positioned incorrectly.
Shorts are Way Too Tight in genital area(size M and i'm 5'10 150lbs!).
Leg grippers are not elastic enough.

unfortunately i'm really disappointed with these bibs. i'm really lucky in the sense that i found them for 1/2 price at a discount store but had i paid more it would have been really difficult to swallow. i found many faults with these bibs and i attribute that solely to P.I. and not the sizing. i am 5'10 150lbs and i fit into Medium's according to P.I.'s size chart. the first problem i found is that the chamois is way too long! serious, no one's anatomy in the sitting area is as big as they designed the chamois. look at it carefully, there are 2 big support pads at the end of the chamois and these go way past my sit bones which means i only use 3/4 or less of the chamois. the 3D chamois actually fits better! it might also be that the 4D chamois is not positioned on the exact right place on the shorts. this is a huge fault in my eyes because when i am sitting on the saddle the chamois extends way past my sit bones and up onto my butt where no padding is needed. measure these closely to other bibs, assos is spot on with their chamois and when your on the saddle, the assos chamois sits perfectly under your sit bones and perineum area. also look at the pros, their chamois are always covered under their sitting area and saddle. i'm so dumbfounded when i ride with the octanes and i can feel the chamois extending way up my butt when i'm seated. although the 4D chamois material is nice and firm it's size/position is unacceptable. another disappointment is that they are too tight in the genital area. i've never had my privates fall asleep so fast, it was so strange. i know these are pro-fit or race cut but they still need to be shaped properly around the genital area. sorry to mention assos again but they have really tight fitting bibs as well but they have much more space around the genital area. anyone can make super tight bibs but not anyway can make them properly. and lastly, as others have complained, the leg gripper is not elastic enough around the thighs and you can feel gaps when peddling rather than a secure fit. right after the first ride with these shorts i called P.I. and discussed this with the customer service. the guy was very dismissive and gave my issues 0 value. he just stated that it's their highest end product, the sales are good, and he had personally found it to be their best product. i would like to issue a challange if someone can find a person whose sitting area fit's the 4D chamois and who does not get sleepy weenie after riding with these.

Similar Products Used:

Assos, Castelli, Craft, Pearl Izumi(3D chamois fits much better but it's a softer pad/material)

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