Rapha Classic Jersey Jerseys


Rapha Classic Sportwool â„¢ Jersey
Fabric Maximum sweat-wicking Sportwool â„¢ - good looking and itch-free. Naturally anti-bacterial and odour resistant. 40% merino wool.
Features Lock down, fully lined zips. Large cargo pockets. Pump pocket. Zipped, waterproof valuables pocket. Bite Grip. Side panels. Gripper at hem. Comes with arm warmers. Machine washable, warm iron.
Colours Black (with white armwarmers), white (with black armwarmers)


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[Jun 01, 2010]
Recreational Rider


fit, quality, style, value, yes value; remember, you get the best jersey and arm warmers for under $200


not for the hottest weather
sells out fast and a small, white, classic jersey is a rarity!

I am compelled to write this review, because I just received a replacement of this jersey from Rapha. The 2008 version was superb, but it acquired a strange, purplish hue to it. As usual, Rapha customer service was outstanding and emailed its customers to offer a free replacement.

Now, in the past 2 years, I've shopped around for more jerseys. PI, giordana, assos, etc. all offer their top jerseys for $200+. They are all good synthetics and all fall short in the styling arena. The Rapha classic is $195, comes with arm warmers, has perfect fit, and is unmatched in style. Compared to the top offerings from above, it is cheaper, so those who think Rapha is overpriced are wrong. Rapha's sales have sky rocketed in the last 2 years for a reason.

The replacement jersey is blissful cycling wear. Since 2008, Rapha widened the middle "pump" (useless) pocket, so the jersey has three pockets now. They have also bolstered the material holding the pockets in place to prevent unraveling over time, which did occur with the 2008 version.

Rapha has fit nailed for my body shape. I am tiny and need small jerseys. When Rapha says small, they mean small.

Rapha uses the best materials. Rapha uses Sportwool for this and all their jerseys. Sportwool is not one single blend of wool and polyester but a variety of blends depending on the application. The classic is 60%poly and 40%wool. It is superb, but if your skin is really sensitive, it still feels like wool. If you can though, try it, because no fabric other than 100% merino wool handles moisture and temp better.

Rapha has style nailed. Their clothing is understated and classy. Why I continue to see riders wearing gaudy team jerseys and jerseys with heavy brand labeling is beyond me.

The only weakness of the jersey is that it is a challenge to wear it in very hot weather. It is not intended for hot weather, though, clearly. Try the Rapha Lightweight Jersey for hot weather.

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[Aug 03, 2007]
Road Racer


temperature control
classic subdued styling
lack of offending odor
impecable quality and craftsmanship
comes with arm warmers


perhaps price...But in this case you get what you pay for.

Yea, I know pretty steep price tag for a jersey...it does come with arm warmers. After using the Rapha sportwool jersey I rarely ever use my petroleum by-product based jerseys (only when my Rapha jersey is in the laundry). The Rapha sportwool is hands down the best temperature regulating jersey you will ever wear. It is comfortably cool in the heat and keeps you warm when its cool. There is never any unwanted clamminess when wearing this jersey. It seems to move all sweat and moisture to the outside surface where it evaporates quickly. The finish is soft and supple. The design is timeless (black or white) with sublimated logo (you arent a free advertisment for Rapha when wearing this piece). Besides pure comfort this jersey never becomes smelly, as many of the synthetics materials tend to do. Hands down this is this is the best jersy money can buy.

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