Rapha Classic Sportwool Women's Jerseys


Even if you're new to cycling, there are plenty of reasons to tap into the timeless quality of the sport. There's no reason to march forward, grabbing all the latest fads when there are classic, proven things that worked great yesterday, work great today, and will work great tomorrow. Track bikes are one such example. Another is the Rapha Classic Sportwool Short Sleeve Women's Jersey. It's not a men's jersey finished in femme colors. It's a women's jersey in classic colors. The top is narrower at the shoulder, at the waist, and wider at the hips. There's a gripper on the back waist hem of the jersey only, not in the front. And the whole waist itself is threaded with an elastic draw card that can be adjusted via friction locks, one on each side.Wool has been used in cycling clothing since there was cycling. And there's plenty of reason to still use it today. But wool isn't perfect: it's not the easiest to care for, it soaks up water like a sponge, and can really stretch when wet. So mixing it with polyester to make Sportwool marries ...the Sportwool Jersey marries classic styling and comfort with modern performance...the classic with the modern. This particular blend is 60% wool, 40% poly, giving shape and durability along with wicking, odor-defense, just the right amount of stretch, and a timeless look.The Classic Jersey has a full-zipper for great temperature regulation. The top of the zipper has a fleece dock on the right side to prevent chafing. That lip of material follows the zipper all the way down on the inside so the zipper teeth can't snag either clothing or skin. On the left side of the collar is a tiny extra swatch of material for biting when you want to pull the zipper up in a hurry. The zipper-pull locks into place when pushed down against the jersey so it stays put when you want to ride.The jersey appears to have three pockets, but it really has a good bit more. There's a zip pocket on the right side pocket, for valuables like cash, credit card, and keys. The right pocket itself has a slot and the jersey is threaded for wired headphones. The center pocket has a sleeve for a pump -- a Lezyne will fit perfectly, and the side pockets have slightly-angled tops for better access.The Rapha Classic Sportwool Short Sleeve Women's Jersey comes in Black and Red. There's a reflective tab underneath the right pocket. Sizes run from XX-Small to X-Large. It comes with a set of matching Roubaix-material arm warmers. The cream color matches the left arm band on the jersey sleeve. The piping along the warmer seam matches the color of the jersey. They're held in place by gel grippers inside the top hem of the warmers.

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