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It's obvious that Northwave's Italian designers dumped all their all energy into designing the Extreme Shoenot naming it.


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[Apr 18, 2014]
Road Racer


WOW! Talk about lightweight... These are ridiculously minimalistic yet comfortable. Extremely super-thin sole. Various and multiple vents around and even on the bottom sole of the shoe.


Aesthetically, I didn't like the white and colored versions of this shoe. The matte black does look coo and stealth, but generally I like to buy white shoes because I generally ride in warm weather and I hate having hot feet while riding. But I did decide to go for looks for practicality this time and purchased the matte black.

I own a pair of Sidi Genius 6.6, which are super amazing shoes. These look awesome, are light weight, comfortable, no loss of power that I can notice and my favorite pair... At least until I bought a secondary pair that I needed. I figured I'd try to go with a different brand without a ratchet and these fit the bill. I was skeptical for some reason. But all I can say is WOW!!! I honestly think these are better than my Sidi's in every way except one. Aesthetically, nothing compares to my limited edition Sidi's with hints of green pops. But the NW Extreme is so light, I couldn't believe it. I threw it around like a pair of socks, it was so light. Then I tried it on being the skeptic that I am figuring the quality wouldn't compare. I was wrong again. Usually, tight fitting shoes are not very comfortable. But these NW Extreme's have such a thin and high quality leather material with little to no stitching that the tight-fitting form is still very comfortable. My Sidi's feel solid and stable, but does have a tiny little bit of play. These NW's feel snug, comfortable and inspire TONS of confidence that there's no loss of power transfer because you can feel the leather wrapping your foot tightly. The crazy thing is, the shoes are still super comfortable. As a bonus, they're so light it's quite mind-blowing. I paid nearly $400 for my Sidi Genius 6.6 and will openly admit that I think these NW Extreme's are better in so many ways and even cost less! I think these might just end up being my daily, while the Sidi's become my secondary!!

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