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The Northwave Fahrenheit GTX Shoe gives you the ability to pedal to work, tour the deep north, or squeeze in a winter joy ride.


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[Mar 05, 2019]


The Northwave Fahrenheit GTX are great winter shoes. 1) the fit is very accommodating for my 10.5 or 45cm foot that is a bit wide. 2) the spring-lock draw-string lacing works well and handles heavy or thin socks and would also handle narrow feet as well. So, my sizing concerns were put to rest in my mail-order purchase the first time I put them on. 3) Great water-proof design. 4) I've never imersed them, or stepped into a deep puddle. I think they would keep me dry with water just above my toes if the vents and cleat holes/slots were sealed. 4) I ride year round and I wear these when the temp drops below 55 degrees-f since I like warm feet in cold weather. And, your speed creates a wind-chill effect... So, riding at 55 d-f feels like riding at 40 d-f. 5) I closed off the front and rear sole vents with black electrical tape to keep them a bit warmer. 6) These shoes keep my feet warm to about 40 d-f {wind-chill equiv. 25 d-f} with normal cotton-poly socks. 7) below 40 d-f I ride with toe cover on the outside of the shoe and this seems to mitigate some of the wind-chill and allow me to ride to about 35 d-f. 8) Below 35 d-f w/toe-covers I'm comfortable for rides under 15 miles. At 30 d-f my toes become a little cold after 10 miles, but not cold enough to ruin the ride or cause any pain. 9) my version of these are setup with Look Arc cleats and have good crank clearance even with Louis Garneau or Pearlizumi toe-covers. 10) the upper closure around the ankles work well with tights that use zipper closures on the outside of the ankles. 11) a great pair of winter road shoes ! 12) to date, I've probably put more than 500 miles on them with no appreciable wear or change in warmth. 12) This is my second pair of winter shoes in 35 years. My 1st pair were fleece-lined Sidi's that were normal lace-up under a velcro flap. They were good for the first few years before the fleece matted down. The Northwave's are definitely a major upgrade in fit and function. 13) Great design and build... thanks Northwave!!


It's difficult to nit-pick these. I bought them brand-new for under US$150 in July {summer clearance} and can't really complain about their value. a) only defect is the little leather pulls stitched and floating/sliding on the pull-strings. The stitching gave up and they came off, but the lacing system with its spring-slide-lock still works fine. I'm just pulling on the strings instead of the leather tabs and they work fine. b) I wish they were warmer allowing my toes to stay toasty below 35 d-f, regardless of ride length. At times I think about using insole heaters or heated socks. But, it's a hassle handling and mounting batteries to my ankles. c) I am curious if other winter shoes keep my toes warm under 30 d-f, but it will be a long time before I buy another pair {I'm 61y.o}.

Price Paid:
US$150 w/shipping in 2017
Model Year:
[Mar 11, 2009]
Recreational Rider


They perform as advertised. Warm and dry. Good foot support. I forget they are on my feet.


It took me a long time to find any winter shoes for much under $200. Why? Except for costing $$ no weaknesses yet.

I spent a lot of time looking for a waterproof, warm winter shoe, Finally got the NW here for a decent price. After 3 months riding in Wisconsin winter I like them just fine. Feet wtay warm and dry. Much below 25F and feet still get cold in an hour but I don't think there is any cure for that. Good snug fit system, velcro holds tight.

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