Sidi Dragon 3 Carbon SRS Shoes


The best riders in the world rely on Sidi Shoes for race day, and mountain bikers are no exception. Nino Schurter wore Sidi Dragons when he won the World Championships in 2009 and the World Cup the following year. The Sidi Dragon 3 Carbon SRS Shoes are the latest evolution of what has been Sidi's no-holds-barred effort at making the perfect MTB shoe. The Dragon 2 was obviously a tough act to follow, but this Dragon 3 offers a few new details that make it even better. Most noticeable is the rubberized toe cap. The front of the shoes are now covered and protected against scuffs. To a certain extent, the toe cap protects you from injury from rocks flipped up from the front wheel. Improvements to the heel also make this one a touch more comfortable. Otherwise, the Sidi Dragon 3 Carbon SRS Shoes have the same favored upper (thanks to a blend of Lorica and mesh), and they employ the same four-pronged retention system to keep your foot in place when you stomp on the pedals.At the back of the shoes, the molded plastic heel cup is reinforced with a Sidi's Heel Security System (HSS) -- a rigid, adjustable plastic band that closes the shoe more securely around the back of your heel to anchor it in place around your Achilles no matter how much power you're pouring into the pedals. You'll get less heel slip, and it's a detail that allows you to cinch down the straps of your shoes less tightly -- giving you more comfort, not just more security. The ratcheting buckle allows you to micro-adjust strap pressure across the top of your foot. It's mated to a Soft Arch Compression Strap that spreads the upward stroke pedaling forces across the top of your foot. A Techno II buckle across the middle of your foot is anchored by a monofilament line and dial that further allows you to control the pressure across the forefoot. The strap system relies on a third component, a Locking Velcro bottom strap. It's reinforced with integrated locking teeth to absolutely, positively resist slippage. No other system so precisely and so gently provides a custom fit.The sole is crafted from high modulus carbon fiber. It has a customized layup to add stiffness where it's needed and some


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[Sep 05, 2014]


Let's face it, if you are considering Sidi shoes, you spend a lot of time in the saddle and understand where to spend your money. They are not cheap but what they are is: Solid, well-built (Sidi after all), easy to walk climb and run in. They don't show wear easily although I wouldn't say they are bomb-proof...close.



Bottom line is, if you spend a LOT of time in the saddle, these are NOT expensive shoes. Why? They wear well and hold up better than most other brands, they support your foot well when spinning correctly in the saddle and running though a gate. These shoes are a smart buy if you would rather ride than replace gear.

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