2Xu Refresh Compression Women's Socks


Even healthy women have to be worried about blood clots in the legs. For some it's genetic, or because of pregnancy or birth control. Whatever the reason for increased clotting possibilities wearing compression socks has always been a good idea. And if you ride enough that you have tired legs the next day, then you should be looking into recovery methods to help feel better on the bike. The 2XU Women's Refresh Compression Socks are a good way to help stimulate the cardiovascular system to spur recovery and save your legs from developing Deep Vein Thrombosis.The advantage of using compression socks instead of tights is that you can be a lot more flexible with where you use them. Most of us are not lucky enough to be able to lounge on the sofa after a hard lunchtime ride. Instead, we're sitting back at our desks trying to concentrate on the afternoon's work. Full tights are hardly an office sartorial option. But you can change from your Sidis to your loafers, or knee-high boots if you like to skirt it, and unobtrusively slip on some Women's Refresh Compression Socks. No one will know the difference, but your legs will thank you. The folks at 2XU have applied their knowledge of compression fabrics to develop specific fabrics meant for use during recovery times, as opposed to their compression products that are designed specifically for use on the bike. While compression fabrics used during exercise require a bit more stretch and moisture management, items like the Women's Refresh Compression Socks will use the 2XU PWX Power fabric with nylon elastomeric yarns which has a more rigid knit construction and will enhance the compression. The socks have the highest denier rating which means that they are dense enough to offer the ultimate in calf and shin support. If you're wondering what a denier rating is -- especially if you?ve never paid that much attention to the nylons you buy -- denier ratings are derived from a calculation of the mass density of a fabric over the length of 9,000 meters. Don't ask us why that?s the way they do it, but there it is. What all this means for the socks is that they are highly durable and intensely well-equipped to reduce muscle fatigue and muscle damage in the calves. The fabric has a firm hold around the calf muscles and is intended to optimize circulation and increase oxygen delivery. Better blood circulation means that blood lactates are more rapidly removed from the body, accelerating the muscles' repair time. They've been designed to have a graduated compression. This allows them to be comfortable, even though they help the pumping action of the cardiovascular system. Reducing muscle swelling and soreness will mean that you?ll feel like heading out day after day to hammer those pedals. You'll find these socks such a relief, that you'll start wearing them on a regular basis even if you haven?t ridden. There is nothing wrong with that; in fact the folks at 2XU recommend it, if only because compression socks are amon

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