Bontrager WSD VR Womens Handlebars


The WSD VR has the smallest reach and drop of any road bike bar on the market. Shot peened and anodized for strength, the WSD's the classic VR bend lets smaller hands still reach the brake levers when riding in the drops.


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[Nov 26, 2012]
Haydon Bloodworth


Low drop, low reach and low price!


Could be a little tighter, but then the cost goes up.

Being 70 years old has its advantages and disadvantages.
One disadvantage is that I am less flexible than I once was, and I never was very flexible, at best.
One advantage is that I now have the experience to find and exploit ways around my disadvantages.
During the build-up of a 2009 Trek 5.5 Madone(performance fit), I decided to use the Bontrager WSD VR Compact bars to enhance the already relaxed cockpit geometry built into this bike. This combination has had a MIRACULOUS EFFECT on my riding.
Previously, I could not stay "in the drops" for any length on time(only a few minutes,max), so was not able to save those few watts gained by staying out of the wind.
I came to the conclusion that if I wasn't comfortable, I wasn't fast(or at least, not for long).
During the first ride with this combinaion, I found I could stay aero as long as needed, with no problems at all, and hang with riders that I hadn't been able to keep up with before. This has turned out to be the SWEETEST bike I've ever owned, and the bars definitely contribute to the overall effect.
Since then I have exploited this phenomena by staying in the drops all day long, on some extended rides over flat and quite hilly terrain, without the old back, shoulder and hand pains..
They are simply the most comfortable bars I have ever used. I now have them on another bike and am looking to try them on a third bike I'm presently buliding.
I have noticed that several pro riders are now using similar bars, although I can't be sure of the brands involved..
I believe there will be a move to this design by folks who recognize it as a cure to an AGE old problem, and that it is also benificial to far younger riders looking to improve their performance.
The way I see it, its a cheap way to gain performance through comfort.
I give'em a big THUMBS UP!!
Thanks for your time......

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