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The EC70 aero handlebar features the CNT composite carbon construction of the EC90 series at a more affordable price. Drops are also a bit less radically ergoaero shaped than the EC90 aero. Tops have a slight wing shape for improved ergonomics. CNT construction mixes carbon fiber with Carbon Nanotubes which Easton calls the lightest and strongest structures in existence to create a handlebar with incredible an strength to weight ratio. Taperwall construction uses very gradual and smooth ...


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[Jan 12, 2013]
Recreational Rider


light, stiff, aesthetically pleasing


aero shape limits handlebar angle adjustment

I recently had the need to get some new handlebars after the pair I was using to ride down the road with snapped near the stem. Those were Easton EA70 ergo-bend handlebars that gave me many years of great service and finally gave up the ghost in a situation where I was not severely injured.

I got a cracking deal on these online and installed them the other day. The installation was super easy with the accompanying new EA90 stem.

The first few rides have been revelatory. The carbon handlebars are much more stiff than the aluminum bars. Carving turns feels like surgery as opposed to mushing through oatmeal. Climbing too is a better sensation. I was not sure why the front felt somewhat sloppy before when climbing on the pedals. Now, with the EC70 handlebars, the whole front end feels much more taut.

I run Shimano 6500 on the bike that these handlebars went on. I routed the brake cable along the bottom of the handlebar. Being used to the round shape of the EA70s, the flat top on these EC70s feels a little boxy right now. I think if I put the cables along the front side of the handlebar as suggested in the instructions, it might make the handlebar feel more like the wing bars I'm used to. Overall, I am pleased with the feel of the handlebars. The dropout is similar to the ergo bend on the EA70s. The part by the hoods is comparatively a little more flat though as is the current mode.

I like running my handlebars with the ends dead parallel to the ground. If you are not like me and like to angle the bars upward, the flat top of these handlebars might ruin the overall feel/purpose of having a wing-shaped handlebar.

I'm not sure if I am being fantastical, but the braking feels better and more responsive too. Can this all be due to the new handlebars?

Like I said, I've only had these for a few days, but they really do make the whole bike feel better. Now I am thinking about a drivetrain upgrade just to equal the awesomeness of these new handlebars.

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