Lizard Skins DSP Race Bar Tape 1.8mm Handlebars

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No one wants to sound like a broken record, but we can?t say it often enough: contact points, contact points, contact points. Where your body touches the bike -- hands, butt, and feet -- are the three most important human body parts for everyone who rides. Of course, that means there are nearly as many answers to what is the perfect equipment for these three points as there are people riding their bikes. For those who like their handlebar wrap to be grippy, comfy, but not too thick, Lizard Skins has come to the rescue with their DSP 1.8 Handlebar Tape.If you're a bit of a curmudgeon and have been using only basic cork tape all these years, your first glance at what Lizard Skins offers might seem a little off-putting. The DSP 1.8 Tape is decidedly tech-looking. But leave all those thoughts aside, grab hold of a Lizard Skins DSP wrapped bar, and you'll never get corked again.Admittedly, the relatively thin 1.8 mm DSP bar tape is not designed to be used in a Paris-Roubaix setting. However, it's the perfect tape for your race day bike since it will give you ample padding in light of its low profile. It gives you an immediate feel for the bars which is so important for riding particular events like criteriums and circuit races where you live and die by your handling skills. Each roll of tape is 82 inches long, so you'll be able to wrap bars of all lengths without having to resort to overly pulling and stretching the tape. In fact, that's something that the folks at Lizard Skins are keen to caution you against doing. Be firm in pressing the tape into place and space it evenly, but don?t pull at it too much because that will reduce its durability. The Lizard Skins DSP 1.8 Handlebar Tape comes in Black, Grey, Red, and White. The package includes 2 rolls of tape, 2 bar-end plugs, and 2 finishing strips. Its claimed weight is only 50 grams per set, including the plugs, which makes this the lightest tape on the market.

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