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Shaped just like the PRO Vibe DC Handlebars, these Vibe Carbon Round Handlebars combine the best of a classic round bend with the easy positioning of a modern short shallow design. And rather than have a clear-coated glossy finish over woven carbon fiber, these have a matte finish and rely on a precise layup composed of uni-directional carbon.If you look closely at the tops of the bars, you'll notice that there's no reduction in diameter from the 31.8mm clamping zone until the bars start to sweep forward. The larger diameter tops give you a secure and comfortable place to hold onto as well as increased rigidity.Another thing you might not notice on initial inspection is how the radius at the top of the bar is curved so it minimizes your chances of hitting your forearms on the tops when sprinting in the drops. And it takes an even keener eye to see that the top part of the rake is designed in conjunction with Shimano STI levers so there is a seamless transition between the bars and the hoods. Other brand levers will work, too. And only the most attentive will notice the hidden dual-cable routing integrated under the bars. As you follow the transition to the hooks, you'll notice that the finish is textured where you clamp your lever body; this is to increase friction between the clamp and the bars. Under that clear coat are measurement lines to make it easy to line your left brake lever up with your right. The PRO Vibe Vibe Carbon Round Handlebar has a 31.8mm clamp diameter and comes in three widths -- 40, 42, and 44cm measured center-to-center. They're carbon fiber with a matte clear finish and have a modern round bend, with what we'd call a relatively short drop and reach. The drop is 130mm and the reach is 79mm.

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