Sampson Sports Inc. Stratics 35 Handlebars


The new Stratics 35 mm carbon bar is notably stiff. The first time you sprint, you wlll feel how rigid it is! This added stiffness is fully rewarded by precise contol. And if you really are a top sprinter, you probably will get a few more watts going into the pedal versus flexing the bars. One of the features of the Stratics bars is the 35 mm clamp diameter for improved bar/stem power and precision. Just as bigger tubes on your bike deliver more stiffness, ditto for your stem and bar. For many, a full 35 mm all around is simply too big. The Stratics 35 tapers down rapidly from the center section into a very hand-friendly shape. This taper lets you keep exceptional power and stiffness but with a more more preferred hand position as well. The top of the Stratics 35 is flattened for a larger surface are, and the short reach drop is favored by most riders as they find it easier to shift and brake on this shape. The Stratics 35 bars also feature a longer tail, which is great as gives you an additional hand position for those days where the wind is always on your nose.

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