Zipp Speed Weaponry VukaClip Handlebars

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The Zipp VukaClip might be the most cost effective way to introduce aerodynamic possibilities to your bike. Since they can be used as an addition to both Zipp's VukaBull and the Zipp SLC2 handlebars, you can use them on your full-blown time trial bike, or as a cagey aero improvement to your normal road bike.As is their custom, Zipp has taken extra care to find solutions that keep the weight down and the aerodynamic properties up while offering a plethora of adjustment options so that you'll always find a comfortable position using these clip-on bars. The clean lines of the front end are possible because of the compression sleeve system that Zipp developed for the aero extensions. This system does not need to use external clamps or bolts to secure the bar extensions. It also allows for four axes of adjustment to the extensions: fore-aft, vertical, rotational and angular. Since hand position is so important for comfort and control when you're in your aero tuck, to be able to count on so many adjustment options makes this is an aero bar system that will suit almost any rider of any size. Adding to the options, the replaceable EVA foam pads can be supported either directly above or 12.5mm behind the base bar, and with a rotational option, there are 42 possible positional combinations to cater to your comfort and control needs.Stack height adjustment has also been made possible through the unobtrusive use of risers. The minimum stack height using no risers for the pad, the gap to the bar is 35mm. Adding extra risers can increase this distance to 47mm. That extra 12mm might not sound like a lot, but if you've ever ridden in an aerodynamic position for any extended period of time, you'll understand how even nano-sized adjustments can make all the difference for aerodynamics, power output, and comfort. Millimeters count when getting it right. Further adjustment is possible in the overall length of the extension bars by removing what you don't need. They can be cut up to 90mm which offers an overall adjustment of about 120mm. The slick internal cable routing options will accommodate all of Zipp's extension bars which include their chicane, straight, ski tip or VukaShift which is also a chicane-shaped extension. Internal cable routing is so important in increasing the aerodynamics and ergonomics of the bar, and frankly just looks so much sleeker. Clamping the Zipp VukaClip to your bars requires a maximum torque of 7Nm, so be careful when attaching them not to overdo it. Similarly, the maximum torque for the compression sleeve when fitting the extensions is 5Nm. The extensions are sold separately.

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