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With the Antares R1 Carbon, Fi'zi:k's has outfitted their most versatile shape with ultralight materials, delivering the ultimate performance advantage without giving up comfort.

To start things off, the R1 boasts a new carbon shell that's not only 14 grams lighter than last year's saddle, it's more flexible as well. Redesigned Wing-Flex sections which allow the shell to move at key areas, particularly at the thigh contact points. Despite this strategic movement, the composite still provides stiffness and support where needed for long-term comfort and pedal efficiency. 155g.


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[Nov 17, 2014]
Bob Beretta
Road Racer


Light weight
Variable riding positions
Comfortable (especially for the weight)



I've ridden several versions of the Antares saddle, and the basic shape of the Antares works well for me so it's no surprise that I like the R1 also. Like all the Antares saddles, the nose and main body of the saddle are slightly wider and flatter than the Aliante. This flatter shape means that the Antares puts the support straight under my sits bones, while the Aliante would wedge between my sits bones. It also means that you can move around on this saddle quite a bit - you're not locked in one place.

When I bought the R1, I expected that it would simply be a lighter version of the standard Antares, since it wasn't supposed to be any softer. Comparing the R1 and the standard Antares, you'd think that the R1 is actually harder because it feels like it has less padding, but riding it you'd swear that it's a bit softer - and more comfortable. So, after further pushing and prodding on the saddle, I concluded that the R1 feels more compliant because the "wing-flex" is simply more flexible. Even though the padding on the R1 is minimal, the carbon saddle base provides the flexibility that the padding does not. This conclusion matches Fizik's claim that the wing-flex is improved on the R1.

Since my one complaint with the standard Antares was that it was a little too hard, this added flexibility is a welcome improvement. The standard Antares would have me squirming a bit on 5+ hour training rides, but not the R1. This saddle is excellent for racing or hard training, but even for longer rides it still works well for me - and that's a difficult order to fulfill.

I gave the R1 a value rating of 4 stars because it retails for $300. I can find performance in that number, but not value.

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