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Compared to the original Antares Versus saddle, the Versus X has a deeper pressure relieving channel (20mm compared to 7mm). This means that the saddle is at a lower risk of flattening out and better protects soft tissue from pressure while riding. Braided carbon fiber rails also keep weight down to 216 grams. Wing flex technology makes pedaling comfortable with increasing pedaling power.


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[Feb 21, 2015]
Jay in Hawaii
Road Racer


Relief Channel, Price, Craftmanship, Graphics


Stationary Seating Profile

I transitioned from a Specialized Romin Expert to the Antares because I exhausted the Romin's use after 3.5 years. Really Loved the Romin Expert and wouldn't hesitate to purchase it again.. However, since I was in the market for a new saddle I decided to give Fizik a try. I am a person that need a relief option, so I figured that I would try the Versus X line. I am very flexible a could have chosen anyone of the offered Versus Saddles. I chose the Antares because of the shape, and I have adapted to riding with mininal sitting movement from my prior use with the Romin. If you are a person that require more seating options, I woulld recommend the Arione Versus X. I haven't rode the saddle to excede 60 miles, but looking forward to doing so within the next week of me owning it. I'll follow-up with the details! So far the relief channel has not colllasped during riding, and is working as advertised with adequate padding in the right place. If anyone in the past or currently ride a Specialized Toupe or Romin Expert then this saddle is a easy transition.
During my search for the perfect saddle! I tried the ISM Saddles, Cobb, and SMP saddles that did not meet the profile that i was looking for.
After I put in some considerable mileage I will follow-up the outcome with more detailed review. So far I really find significant comfort with the Antares Versus X!
I would also like that add women riders may want to take this saddle into consideration because of the wide saddle long relief channel.

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