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[Oct 27, 2016]
Road Racer


Comfort, weight


Price at msrp.

A true 'holy grail' comfortable and featherweight saddle.

Shape: round fore and aft, round laterally
Padding: minimal at rear more substantial towards nose
Weight: 150g or so

I have 3 hwd saddles, one on my roadie, one on my mtb and one spare. After trying one I immediately bought two more on sale ,
For background I have been cycling for 20 years and for the past 10 have been struggling with finding the right saddle. I have tried a few out before settling on a scratch pro. Loved the shape but found the rear a little hard for long rides.
I am 45 y.o. And have poor flexibility so tend to ride with a wide trunk femur angle, the round shape suits my flexibility. Because of my position on the bike there is a lot of weight on my sitbones. This saddle shape helps as the riders weight is distributed over a wide surface area. I set this saddle level from rear to nose so that my butt sits in the curve of the saddle and my perineum on the flat portion.
Because the rear has very minimal padding their is very little pressure on 'man bits'.
I generally prefer a some padding so why is this saddle comfortable?
The hull is made from Kevlar/carbon fibre which means it holds its shape but deforms slightly under pressure. A little like an old fashioned leather saddle or one of the newer fizik kurve saddles. It literally moulds to the sitbone and flexes under load. Amazing comfort. I have used Flexy and minimally padded saddles before but none like this.
It was a real gamble to buy this, even on sale, but I've found the holy grail. I've tried flite and slr gel flow ( too flat), ritchey trail (good saddle) pro.ogo scratch pro (hard on the sitbones) but this is the ultimate.
Downsides? Too expensive when not on sale.

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