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WTB Valcon Pro Saddle: Sleek race saddle features smooth contoured lines with a long and flat pedaling platform that is designed for XC or road use. Pro: Synthetic cover, flex-tuned shell and LuxZone.


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[Jun 12, 2014]
Road Racer


support and shape, sleek and subtle aesthetics


A little heavy for a non-carbon saddle

After four saddles on two bikes in one year I found it. Went from a Spesh road saddle that was pretty good, but too padded for endurance rides, to a Brooks Cambium that was just the wrong shape to the WTB Silverado. The Silverado was good, but the taper from rear to nose was too gradual and my muscles/tendons leading from my groin to my leg would contact the sides of the saddle and really start hurting after 30-40 miles. This was murder on an 80 mile ride.

I called WTB to discuss this and they recommended the Valcon Pro. They were the same price, so I decided to give it a shot. I hadn't seen it stocked anywhere, so they sent it to the LBS where I bought the Silverado. THIS IS A VERY NARROW SADDLE!

I had an issue with all saddles before where I thought I just had long femurs, but it turns out it was my narrow frame that was influencing me to put my seat all the way back and get seatposts with 25mm+ setback. Turns out it was all due to saddles with too gradual of a taper for my narrow frame. My fit is much better now! Eventually, I'll probably get the carbon version, but this is a great saddle for me now and I recommend it to anyone that it fits. WTB also took the time to discuss this with me at length so they could help me solve my problem. Good service!!! Even if the Valcon Pro isn't for you, WTB showed themselves to be a good company in my eyes and is worth checking out if you're in the market. They specialize in MTB stuff, but I really like the saddle for my road bike.

Incidentally, the MSRP is $90, not $80. Check WTB's site.

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