Salsa Cycles Moto Ace S.U.L. Stems


  • 55 size options
  • Forged and welded construction
  • Forged aluminum front cap
  • 25.4, 26.0, and 31.8mm clamp sizes
  • S.U.L. technology at an affordable price


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[Mar 27, 2009]
Recreational Rider


Stiff, light, clean looking....set it, and forget it! $40 isn't so bad of price either.

Will surely satisfy the unsure/unconfident commuter/rider who wants something beefy.


Got scratched, but I'm not going to cry over that. In's pretty hard to have it get no real weaknesses here!

It could be considered a bit heavy and chunky for some high-end performance road riders and weight weenies. Odds are, they wouldn't be poking in this page to begin with.

Er, the weld seams are noticable but I thought it was a clean finish nontheless.

I never think about it...It's just so reliable I just don't think about it period. Beefy(yet still pretty light), clean, and comes in so many sizes - one being the one I was looking for: 135mm length with 130 degree angle.

I ride a hybrid and am mostly on road, but occasionally I do like to veer off elsewhere. While I would be confident in a road-oriented stem, this Moto Ace stem provides the extra insurance that my front end will never collapse. I actually have the stem flipped so it's more downward. Long story short, I bought me a threadless adaptor and combined it with this Moto Ace stem to attain the angle I couldn't get with a 1-1/8th inch quill.

Handling-wise, it really depends on the desire dimensions and if you sensibly chose them. I opted for the longer length and angle because I wanted more reach so I wouldn't feel cramped. Compared to my previous adjustible quill setups, it obviously has more vertical integrity since there's more than just a bolt and a clamp holding it still. The improved lateral stiffness is felt as well.But really, it depends on how well you chose your dimensions - just like any other stem.

As for putting this on a performance road bike...Some may find it needlessly chunky, but it's really not going to hurt aesthetics unless your standard is the wet carbon look - same goes with weight. The Moto Ace is really an MTB/XC stem (being that the rest of Salsa's "Moto" lineup is MTB), but it surely fits on road applications.

If money is your issue, then all I have to say is look no further. This is it: The Moto Ace has the strength to ride off-road, decent low weight, isn't too shabby-looking, and it's a steal.

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