Chris King Shimano Road Bottom Brackets


A fortunate few companies are market leaders. Rarer still are market obliterators. These companies are so dominant and worthy of their marketshare and mindshare we sometimes wonder why their competition bothers. And no company obliterates quite like Chris King. Is there a single more iconic product in the history of bikes than a Chris King Nothreadset? We think not. In its precision and its durability, the Nothreadset sets the standard for quality in the bike industry -- regardless of what component you're talking about. In unveiling their bottom bracket, Chris King brings their unparalleled standards to the drivetrain for the very first time. It's designed for any Shimano crankset, most notably the Dura Ace FC-7900, Dura Ace FC-7800, and Ultegra SL FC-6600. It's compatible with double, triple, and compact Shimano cranksets, provided that it's a system with an external bottom bracket (read: any Shimano 10-speed crankset). It will also work with FSA and Race Face cranksets. The Chris King bottom bracket includes a trio of 2.5mm aluminum spacers, although you will most likely not need them (it's designed to thread directly into your 68mm shell without spacers). Consider the spacers a gift from Chris King, and use them on your mountain bike.The aluminum cups of the Chris King Bottom Bracket house 24 stainless steel balls in each of the made-in-house cartridge bearings. They are user serviceable with the Chris King Grease Injection Tool (available separately). Simply squirt fresh grease into the bearings to purge gunky, used grease and keep things spinning smoothly. This system has a fringe benefit for racers: It gives you the option of running a very thin grease or even oil on race day in order to minimize bearing drag. And when you're not racing, it's a snap to inject thicker grease to maximize durabilityThe Chris King Bottom Bracket weighs just 98g (cups/90g, sleeve 8g, and optional spacers/8g) and is available in Black and Red. Since you're asking, yes, that's 2g lighter than a Shimano Dura Ace BB-7900 bottom bracket(!)Three final technical notes: (1) The Chris King Bottom Bracket is available in English threading (aka 68mm) ONLY. It is not available for Italian threads. No, there is no way to rig it to work for Italian BB shells. Sorry. (2) This Chris King Shimano Compatible Bottom Bracket is NOT compatible with SRAM cranksets. We have a SRAM specific version that WILL work with all SRAM, Truvativ, and Bontrager GXP cranksets. (3) It is not compatible with mountain cranksets due to one critical issue: The thickness of the external portion of the cups is different between road and mountain. This difference isn't unique to Chris King. Rather, this is Shimano's design spec, which is why we offer a very-similar-yet-different Chris King bottom bracket for mountain bikes. The cups can be installed and removed with a Shimano style bottom bracket tool.

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