KHS Inc. Urban Xtreme Commuter Bike


  • Fork: Carbon blades w/Alloy steerer
  • Headset: 1-1/8" Threadless
  • Rims: Q2 Quasar Wheelset, 20°F, 24°R
  • Spokes: 14G Black 20°F, 24°R
  • Crankset: Alloy Forged 52/42/30


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[Sep 14, 2008]
Recreational Rider


Fast, Durable, No heavier than an aluminum frame bike.


8 speed cassete instead of 9. Shimano Sora real derailer is only so-so, it's worked fine for me so far but it's not on the higher end of the shimano road line like a Tiagra. Still it has been fine for me so far.

Just getting back into biking after more than 10 years away. I rode my friends Cannondale Road Warrior 500 a few times and really liked it. However the ride was pretty stiff and jarring even with the carbon fiber fork. I understand that is pretty typical of aluminum frame bikes.

I started looking for a Steel framed bike based on many suggestions that they were much more comfortable to ride. I read and heard from many sources that steel frames absorded road vibration much better than aluminum bikes, and that you had a better 'feel' for the road than you do with aluminum frames.

Well after riding a Jamis Coda steel framed hybrid bike, I really started believing in the steel frames. I would have bought a Coda Comp but noone had them as it was the end of the 08 model year. After some more research and calling around enough I located this bike which had very similar specs to that Jamis Coda Comp. I talked to a few people who owned this bike and they all said it was a super bike, fast, fun, comfortable, durable and just an over all great hybid.

Well I've put about 100 miles on it in the last 10 days and I really love it. It is all the things those people said. Very fast, I can pretty easily hit 20 mph on straight aways without too much effort. on straight roads with pretty good pavement I can probably pedal at 20 MPH for almost as long as I want... well maybe 20-30 mins before i would get tired.

bike is virtually the same weight as comparably sized aluminum frame. The idea that steel is significantly heavier than aluminum is mostly a myth. Apparently the higher quality bikes like this with Reynolds 520 steel can be constructed with much thinner diameter tubes than older steel bikes from 15+ years ago. This translates to a bike that is not only as strong as aluminum but also virtually as light. This bike does not weigh even one pound more than an equivalent aluminum frame bike. In honesty I haven't tested that with a scale but i've picked this up and then immediately my friends equal sized aluminum frame cannondale road warrior, and they feel exactly the same to me. Dont let the myth that steel bikes are heavy dissuade you from buying one, it's just not true any longer.

Bottom line I liked that cannondale road warrior 500 but this bike is probably just as fast and it's much much more comfortable to ride due to the vibration absorbing steel frame. Other than the high end Jamis Coda bikes, I doubt there is a superior hybrid on the market. Lastly the build quality of the frame is excellent. I'm very impressed by the finish and quality of this KHS bike.

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