Specialized Source 11 Commuter Bike


A true multi-tasker for anything from commuting to a weekend camping trek down the coast with loaded panniers, the Source Eleven does it all anytime, anywhere with disc brakes and integrated lights, rack, and fenders; plus 11-speed Shimano Alfine internal gearing with belt drive for the ultimate in low-maintenance efficiency.


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[May 11, 2012]


Beautiful styling, smooth ride, belt drive and Shimano Alfine 11, sweet Supernova E3 generator light standard


Tiny nearly useless rear rack, drag in Alfine 11, big Alfine brake levers, lowest gear not quite low enough

I bought this bike as un update to my 2008 Civia Hyland. It has everything I wanted in that bike but didn't have. Like decent kickstand, belt drive, Alfine 11. The bike is gorgeous, and looks really cool going down the road. The ride is very smooth, and the Alfine 11 shifts beautifully - as long as it is perfectly aligned. If it's off by a hair, shifting is poor. But they changed the yellow line from the bottom of the hub to the top, so you don't need to flip the bike over anymore. The downside of the Alfine 11 hub is WAY more drag than the Alfine 8, but I think it's starting to break in and get faster. I love the matching accents on the crank, wheels, seatpost, seat, and stem. It's definitely a "styled" bicycle, and gets lots of attention here in Los Angeles. And the bike has snappy handling that makes if fun to commute in heavy traffic. The other surprise is how much I like the ergo grips. For a guy with big hands like mine, they make riding very comfortable and really soften bad pavement. The belt drive is great too, it's the latest centertrack version, and it works perfectly, with an instantaneous engagement and absolute silence. And no grease!

My biggest complaint is the rear rack. Way too narrow, and you can barely get any bags to clip onto it because of the way it is bolted to the fender. It seems like more a styling exercise than a useful accessory. I'm sending my bike up to Portland to get a custom rack built for it that utilizes the fender mounts and rear LED light that's part of the generator system. My other gripe is the Alfine hub drag, but that's not the bike's fault. However, the overal gearing is too high. The lowest gear is tough on steep hills, and the highest gear is only good when you're already doing over 40mph downhill, so it needs a bigger rear cog or smaller front chainring. It won't look good with a smaller chainring though!

If you don't mind spending the money and like having the perfect all weather commuter, then this is it. The minuses are pretty small, and the bike looks and rides wonderful.

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