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[Apr 21, 2015]
Dr. D.
Road Racer


Light, Stiff, Comfortable, Visually striking, Quick but controlled handling, Great climber


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I have owned this bike for about 2 months now and I'm very impressed overall. The build quality, light weight, stiffness under power and overall comfort are excellent. It has a great balance of stiffness vs. 'feel' the road, but your body and undercarriage don't get abused. So far the longest ride has been about 2.5 hours and I felt fine afterwards. It takes your energy and translates it into immediate forward motion, it surges forward with each pedal stroke. I don't consider myself a 'climber per se, however...the BH has made it a lot easier to go up, whether spinning or standing and cranking on the pedals, it moves forward and responds to what you put into the pedals. I'm 6'1", 180 so I'm not a dainty little Italian climber, and I can't detect any flex in the BB region or anywhere else. It diesels on the flats and holds speed well, it handles quick but not twitchy. I've been riding for about 17 years so I am familiar with bike materials and how they react to rider input. I had been contemplating buying this bike for the past 3 years and I'm glad I did. I have tested Specialized Tarmacs, Scott Addicts, Cannondale Evos, Pinarellos, Orbeas, Cervelos, Bianchis and nothing can compare to the BH in terms of warranty (lifetime), build quality, stiffness, compliance, weight or looks. I'm sure some will argue...let 'em. If you are looking for a great, do it all bike...Gran Fondo, Crit, Roadracer, whatever, you will not be disappointed with the BH. There are no brick and mortar BH dealers where I live, so I was forced to order online (which was a pleasant experience and they nailed the fit/frame size too.) This is a 2015 BH.

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