Cannondale Slate Road Bike


SRAM mechanical disc brakes, a 30mm suspension fork with lockout called the Lefty Oliver, and 650b Stan’s ZTR Flow EX MTB wheels wrapped with 42mm tires pumped up to 40psi.


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[Jul 15, 2016]


Now that I got rid of those silly 42 mm slicks and put on some real tires, (Schwalbe G-one tubeless), mounted tubeless with the ‘new’ Mavic 419 wheelset that Cannondale is now providing (the original Slate-branded wheels were recalled), the bike rides great in a wide variety of conditions both on-road and off-road. Off-road it is just as capable, if not more so, than the fully rigid mountain bikes I rode 25 years ago. You cannot do everything that regular mt bike can do off-road, but you can ride most beginner trials and maybe some intermediate one's, you can cruise easy gravel roads all day with no problem. It is obviously not as fast as a racing bike on the road, but way more comfortable. The lefty Oliver fork has exactly the right amount of travel and damping for this bike, off-road it allows for great control over the front end of the bike. The bike is just plain fun to ride…as far as components for the ultregra version, they are great and the new shimano road hydro disk brakes are fantastic...


Lefty fork takes a little getting used to, it does dive slightly in corners, but you quickly learn to compensate, so it ends up being much ado about nothing. The gray paint scheme of the ultegra version is a bit dull, but at least I don’t worry about scratching it (it would probably look better with some scratches on it)…even with the compliant SAVE frame, it is still a hardtail, as far as components the new shimano road hydro direct-mount rear caliper is very difficult to get centered on the disk, causing noisy rubbing when out of alignment

This is a great fat tire road bike or skinny tire mountain bike, whichever you like, the bike really can do it all and is just FUN to ride

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