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Cervelo P3 Ultegra 2013: Built with TrueAero? shapes and an advanced curved rear wheel cutout to offer maximum rear wheel shielding, the P3 offers superior aerodynamic advantage, putting the rider in a fast and...


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[Apr 12, 2006]


Bottom bracket stiffness
Clean cable routings
Seatpost and seat clamp design
Obviously this is a very aero bike
Horizontal dropouts
1” steerer
Durable paint


The Cervelo branded brakes are crap. I did not like the stock saddle. That could be considered a fit issue except that I doubt anyone would want to put serious distance on that saddle in a proper aero riding position.

Out of saddle climbing is not impressive but that’s not what this bike was built for. I think the problem is my bike’s relatively high center of gravity. I ride a 61cm frame and use a two bottle behind the seat rack. A shorter bike and/or lower water bottles might mitigate or eliminate the problem.

There seems to be too little vibration dampening for consecutive long days in the saddle. Besides racing I ride this bike once a week for 90 minutes plus an occasional long ride. I do most of my cycle training on a road bike.

I can’t imagine a faster bike except possibly a P3C. The faster you go the more difference a good aero setup will make. I love riding this bike because I love riding fast.

I was also very pleased with the retailer. Even though I bought the bike on-line Nytro swapped out the stem for a shorter model for no charge. The HED disk arrived with a manufacture’s defect and Nytro swapped it out no questions asked. The sales representative was knowledgeable and helpful. The price was very competitive. I am not affiliated with Nytro in any way but give them my strongest endorsement.

Cornering was disappointing until I swapped out the base bar with at 6 cm drop model. This is more a fit issue than a weakness. The frame is bit expensive for an aluminum aero race bike but it is also unique and worth the price.

I’m not going to waste time describing the scientific features of the bike. You can get that information from Cervelo’s website or other reviews. I want to tell you what riding this bike feels like. It’s not super comfortable. It does not feature telepathic handling like my Colnago C40. However, it is by far the fastest bike I have ever ridden. I set the bike coarse record at the Bintan Lagoon Triathlon on this bike.

Having ridden the bike for about 18 months now I think it will be extremely durable. Short of crashes, outright abuse, or serious long-term galvanic corrosion this bike frame will last decades. I would not hesitate to buy one second-hand.

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I have owned no other time trial or triathlon specific bikes. I’ve used several road bikes but they are a poor comparison.

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