KHS Inc. Flite 747 Road Bike


  • Shifters: Shimano 105
  • BB:Out-Board Bearing
  • Seatpost: Q2 29.8mm
  • Saddle: KHS Sport Road
  • Brake Levers: Shimano 105


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[Apr 12, 2014]
Ron S


Well, the obvious strength of this bike is that it wil actually fit you if you are ~ 6'4" or taller (I purchased the XXL, but they also make an XXXL). There are precious few choices out there for us tall guys, especially those of us with skinny wallets. You can get a custom built bike of course, but it will cost you a few thousand dollars more than this bike will. I'm 6'4" and ~240 pounds. I've been riding for decades, mostly club rides, charity rides and some cross state tours.Typical ride for me (on my Raleigh) is ~40-50 miles, averaging 17 - 18 mph. I've never had a bike that fit me though, until now. I also ride a 64 CM Fuji Touring, and a 62 CM Raleigh Supercourse. Both are fine bikes, but a bit too short for my long torso. I was hesitant to spend ~$1800 on a bike that is not equipped with upgraded, go fast bits on it, but there are just no other choices available. I've only had 2, ~ 25 mile rides on the 747 thus far, but can say that it handles well in corners, descends well and actually climbs pretty well too, compliments of the 200 mm cranks. The colors are good for me - Black with white lettering and some royal blue trim, really nice glossy topcoat too - looks good! The 36 hole, 700 x 25 rims seem to be quite sturdy. I've busted more spokes and ruined more rear rims than I care to admit, but I suspect these rims will be able to handle whatever punishment I can dish out. Saddle is reasonably comfortable and looks good too, with matching white and blue colors. Frame is plenty stiff, but comfortable and compliant.


Brakes are not powerful enough. They built this bike for 300 pound guys, but the brake pads are stock issue, same as any other road bike would use. I plan to upgrade the pads, to longer MTB or Touring bike brake pads - should help a lot. The bike is pretty heavy (as compared to my 62 CM aluminum Raleigh). I weighed mine at 28.5 pounds stock weight (plus one water bottle holder). Is that too heavy for an XXL steel bike? I don't think so. The weight is what it is due to the steel frame and extra sturdy construction. Pretty light when you think about it. I removed and weighed the front rim, which is 3.5 pounds. I might go ahead and swap that out with a 32 hole 700 x 23 rim which is a full pound lighter. I've never had any issues with any front rim, so for me at any rate, a 36 hole front rim might be overkill.
The pedals/toe clips that came with the bike are ok I guess, but i removed them ASAP for SPD clipless pedals. One annoyance I've had is that the saddle covering seems to be rather "sticky". I can't freely slide forward and back as needed, but rather have to stand on pedals and raise up off the saddle in order to change positions. I suspect this is an issue due to the newness of the bike and should go away with some time and wear. If not, I might try a bit of Armour All on it

Thank you KHS and Lennard Zinn!!!

Finally a bike that fits tall guys! High quality road bike, very reasonable cost. Looks good and rides well. Hope to put many, many miles on the Flite 747, and hope to update this post after a few thousand miles of riding.

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