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The Tactic delivers cutting-edge road race performance in any setting. Power through endless flats, charge up lung-busting climbs, rail corners and descend at electrifying speeds. Stretch your limits and realize your fullest potential. The Tactic’s exceptional ability to transfer power and confident, ultra-precise handling make it the perfect tool for getting to the top of the podium. Every race calls for a strategy; every racer needs a Tactic.


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[Jun 07, 2015]


Comes with components that make it unbeatable value for the money. Tough frame with production tricks derived from mountain bike range. Beefiness inspires confidence. Responsive. Shows me the only limitations are my own. Looks like a dark horse.


Seat takes getting used to. Would have preferred a cassette from a higher level group at 11-28. Some small chips and rubbing on the frame that probably came from the shop or test rides. Adhesive marks. Lots of stickers.

I bought a 2014 Tactic 3 at $1600. The price is so good its hard to be negative. I want to give it an overall 5 on price alone.

I'm not a brand fan boy and I think for mid modulus frames it would be difficult choosing another brand for the extra $1000 it would cost (the fork is high modulus).

The Tactic came with the 10 speed 105 group but I don't think I would miss the 11 speed unless the thinner chain has better shifting benefits I'm unaware of. The front crank is 52-36 which suits me just fine. I don't I need the extra tooth and the lowest gear combo should see me up any hill I attempt locally. I think in future I would upgrade the cassette to an ultegra 11-28.

The seat makes you aware of your sit bones and rewards an aggressive posture. Its more difficult to ride no handed than my commuter and in practical terms makes it difficult to use your core to steer the bike. The twin tail does aid ventilation though. The ride isn't that of an endurance bike but that's not what the designers had in mind. I'm 30 and 145lbs and the ride is ok. I may look into a carbon seatpost and comfier seat in future depending on how my riding style changes with this new influence. Increased comfort may help me do more centuries on it.

The tires and the wheels are fine. 25mm is definitely the way to go. Also there is something to be said for weight in wheels maintaining the momentum. The spokes are bladed which make me happy. I've never experienced expensive wheels so maybe I'm not the best judge.

Overall, very happy. Makes tearing round very fun.

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