Performance Tirreno Razza 1000 Road Bike


Frame: 7005 Alloy Frame with Carbon Seat/Chanstays.
Headset: Orbit IS2 FSA.
Handle Bar: PZ Racing Carbon Anatomic flat top.
BB: FAS Mega Exo.
Stem PZ Racing Carbon.
Saddle: Selle Italia XO.
Cassette: Shimano 105 11/27T 10 speed.
Levers: Shimano Ultegra STI 10 speed.
Shifters: Shimano Ultegra STI 10 speed double.
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Ultegra 10 speed.
Front Derailleur: Shimano Ultegra 10 spped.
Wheelset: Easton Vista.


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[Nov 12, 2012]
Recreational Rider


Weight, Ultegra group set, stiff


Easton wheelset, maybe too stiff

I bought the 2007 version of this bike used off craigslist but it matched original specs so I thought I'd offer an original review. I'm upgrading from a beginners natural fit road bike w/ Sora group that weighed in at around 23 lbs. This bike is just a touch over 18 lbs w/ Shimano spd pedals and a Cateye wireless computer. The weight combined with the Ultegra drivetrain makes this bike feel very rich. When I punch it, I can feel the bike jump underneath me. Shifting in rhythm is as smooth as I could have imagined...barely feel it, barely hear it.

I was professionally fitted and I'm definitely in a much racier position on this bike. Fitter measured top tube and seat tube and said they were equal which equates to an old school racy geometry. I don't know if his logic is true, but that's what it feels like. I gave the original Selle Italia gel seat a chance over a few weeks, but finally ordered a Charge Spoon which I have on my mtn bike and absolutely love. Feels even better on the road bike. This is my first flat top aero carbon handlebar as well and I really like it. Gives me a few more hand/arm positions over a long ride and spreads out some of the pressure over the palm of the hand versus a smaller point or line.

Comparing the ride to my entry-level aluminum frame/carbon fork natural fit bike, the ride is stiff bordering on harsh. I can really feel every bump in the road...the counter to that observation is that the bike jumps when I step on it, responds quickly to steering input so I'm feeling more efficient in my movements.

Buying the bike used, the front wheel was pretty banged up and I can't get it to true so it needs replacing. Probably not fair to judge the Easton Vistas solely based on this experience, but I can feel some pretty good flex in them. Since the frame is so stiff, I'm probably feeling more than normal. Since I'm gonna need a new front eventually, I'm considering replacing with some Vuelta Corsa Lites that would pick up 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound for a pretty good value.

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[Sep 24, 2007]
Recreational Rider


Good handling, accelleration/climbing.
Very good overall feeling.
The price is unbeatable.


Frame welding seams. Color scheme could be more attractive (my was black)

Just bought it so here is my first impression. If something changes I will update later.
I spent a lot of time doing research before buying a new bicycle. I wanted something with at least 105 gruppo and decent wheels. Unfortunately the prices at LBSs were higher than I could afford for a bike. Buying a bicycle online is a very risky business it is the same as buying shoes online. There are too many input parameters that result in the final fit/not fit bicycle.
This bike was on sale on Performance with very tempting discounts so I decided to give it a try. For the same price other charge for Tiagra I got full Ultegra with many carbon parts – including cranks.
One my argue about buying at Performance but they do have a good return policy so I imagined it is worth trying. At the very least I would return the bicycle back.
Finally the bike arrived and I forgot my worries after first few meters I test rode it. The bike rides like a dream. It fits me perfectly. I guess I just got lucky. Actually I did go to and used their fit calculator.
The only required adjustment was to fit the seat height. I might tweak it a bit here and there but so far it does not look like I would need to buy some parts to compensate the size.
Ultegra shifts so much better than my old Shimano RSX. Overall handling it exceptional. I do a lot of hill rides so I could use a bit slower cassette but this should work too.
I used to ride a steel Bianchi Volpe for 5 years before buying this bike and whatever they say about carbon fork and chain/seatstays the aluminum is still much harsher than steel. On the other hand since it is stiffer the acceleration/climbing are noticeably more effective.
The frame has a nice geometry but the quality of welding is a bit disappointing. The seams are not even at some places and not processed although it does not look like the frame is weaker because of this. And hey! It has the lifetime warranty so why bother. Hopefully it will not disintegrate somewhere on descent ;-).
And after all after I summed price of the parts I figured out that I got the frame for free ?.
I am not going to upgrade any part so far even wheels although there are some controversial reviews on them.
One word about Performance staff. The guy tossed me a bike over the counter and when I asked about adjustment he looked at my height – changed the seat height approximately and that was it. 30 seconds the whole fitting. I am not sure I will use their lifetime free adjustment. So I agree with anybody here who says that extra money spent at LBS are not wasted.

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