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GAN derives directly from the Dogma F8, but with several specific solutions make it a frame less extreme, while maintaining intact the style and feeling of Pinarello bikes. GAN is a good entry level which maintains the peculiarities of DOGMA F8: asymmetry, even if less prominent, and a new high-strength material, although less rigid and performing.


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[Oct 24, 2018]


The Pinarello Gan is the italian brand's entry level racing bicycle. This specific model is the lowest of the low. Does that make it any bad? Not at all. There's quite a lot of bike for the money. Right off the bat, there's a Shimano 105 drivetrain. For those who haven't tried it, I highly suggest you try it out. The quality of the shifting is on par with Ultegra, and dare I say, even Dura-Ace . Being 105, it's a mechanical groupset, and the Gan has internal cable routing. Not a big surprise, but Pinarello has done an excellent job of it. Some other brands, Focus for example, don't take too much care of internal cables on their lower end bikes. Aside from the drivetrain, the rest of the components are made by Most, Pinarello's in house components brand. The Most brakes provide good stopping power, though feel a little spongy. The stem, handlebars, and headset are also made by Most, and they work just fine. It also comes with a Fizik Antares saddle, which was quite the surprise for me. The lower end models usually carry most seats which isin’t bad, but seeing a Fizik really was amazing. The Antares is the middle child of Fizik's spine concept, and personally, it oh-so happens to match mine. The bike also comes with Fulcrum Racing wheels, which aren't bad, but on the heavy side. More on that later. Anyways, enough about the components, let's get to ride quality and feel. Once you hop and and place your foot down on the pedal, you'll notice how stiff this bike is. For those who don't know what stiff means, you really won’t until you've ridden a carbon bike. The best way I can describe it is when you pedal forwards, the bike follows instantly and doesn't feel soft like on an aluminiuim bike. One thing to note is the Gan's aggressive geometry. This is because the Gan derives from the Dogma frameset, and its focus is to not be an aero bike, climbing bike, or a commuter, but a fast bike. In this aspect,I can easily say they've successfully achieved their objective. When riding, it simply feels fast. Sprint session? Boom, done. Climbing? Out of the saddle and WHAM, climb's over. Not to mention the oddly crisp ride quality as well. Some brands try to dampen the vibration from the road on carbon fiber bicycles to provide a smoother ride, but I think that takes the fun out of a carbon bike. A personal opinion, but Pinarello has kept the liveliness in the Gan, and my plums are still in good shape. Overall, I say the Gan is an amazing bike for the young athle


The only con with the Gan is the actual total weight. The bike weighs a surprising 19.6 pounds! Now with lower grade carbon it shouldn't be a surprise, but most brands would be sitting near the 17-18 pound mark. I blame a little bit of the total weight on the included wheels, the Fulcrum's. Though these provide the rider with a stable ride, the weight of the wheels place a huge roll in racing performance. With lighter wheels, there's less rolling weight which matters when you're pedaling. It's like those old cougars you occasionally see jogging on the side of the street. They might place ankle weights to make themselves work harder to keep up their preferred pace. However, if you have your own personal wheels, or you have an old coach with a bunch of spares lying around (thanks coach Phil) then this shouldn't be a problem. Using the wheels as a sort of resistance training is something I swear by, and highly recommend. I can't blame the frame for its weight. Pinarello simply doesn't just take care of the outside of the carbon fiber, but they also take care of the inside as well, all in the name of an excellent ride. This I can excuse, as I see that they have achieved this, and some.

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