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Pinarello ROKH Ultegra Bike: The ROKH (pronounced ''rock'') is the direct descendent of the KOBH which was developed for racing on the extreme roads of northern Europe such as those traversed in the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix...


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[Aug 21, 2019]


I've ridden the Rokh for 4 years now and not only doe sit still put a smile on my face, it seems to have permanently cured my need for any other bike. Ever. It effortlessly soaks up endless miles on the road and is equally happy on rail trails, gravel and groomed woodland trails. I sold my dust-covered hybrid a year after the purchase of the Rokh. Strengths are smoothness and stability. It is such a smooth roll on this bike - crap roads won't beat you to death on it. And it descends, well, like a Rokh. Uncanny stability allows me to relax and let ridiculous speed build. I also very much like the fact that it is a gorgeous bike and that you don't see them everywhere in a sea of Trek etc. A carbon wheel upgrade takes this bike to the next level.


It's not the lightest bike among similarly priced alternatives - but I have not found weight to be a negative in climbing. I certainly wouldn't want to sacrifice any of its attributes for the sake of a few grams, that's for sure. And speaking of price, Pinarellos are generally never going to be value leaders in specs / dollar. But so worth it if you can swing it.

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[Jun 21, 2015]
Recreational Rider


I bought a Rokh frame last year, site unseen and never having ridden one. There are a couple of reviews around, it seemed OK, and it had the geometry I was after (in the Synapse/Domane direction). Had it built up, went out for my first ride and thought … I’ve wasted my money here! It just felt sluggish, especially in comparison with the Look 586 I’d ridden for the previous few years, and which is a very snappy bike. This continued for a month or so, with me kind of fighting the bike, and feeling frustrated that it wouldn’t do what I wanted it to. But then something happened. I just started riding it, but instead of trying to get it to do what I wanted, I started listening to what it wanted. And the more I responded to the bike, the more it responded to me. Now, 6 months later, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

There’s a review out there where someone compares riding a Rokh to riding a horse that’s heading for home. I can’t do any better than that. It’s a bike that if you can “find” it, and become one with, will give you all you could ever need. It’s a very smooth ride, in fact, an incredibly smooth ride, butter-like. It tracks phenomenally well, the best descending bike I’ve ever ridden, and I’ve had some decent ones. It’s a bike that carries speed really really well - getting back to my old Look, sure it was snappy, but you’d have to be up out of the saddle every minute or two, giving it a bit of a kick along. The Rokh is the reverse of that, get it up to speed and it just rolls and rolls, it’s a bit like riding in overdrive. The one word I’d keep coming back to would be smooth. Smooth as in comfortable, smooth in the steering and handling, and smooth in the response and power delivery.


Perhaps not the first choice for Crits, or if you're the team's designated sprinter. Also not the lightest (like a lot of the Pinarellos), but I do a lot of climbing, and wouldn't change it for anything.

If you’re in the market for this kind of geometry/ride, give it a go - though it may need more than a single ride to reveal its charms.

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