Rikulau Xochitl Reynolds 953 Road Bike


Xochitl ( so-ch?l)– so cool, so beautiful

The Nahuatl term (an ancient language that was once the dominant language in the Aztec Empire. It is still spoken in central Mexico) for flower.

Xochitl can be created using the contrast between sand blasting and scotch brite surface treatment techniques. Unlike frames with decals and/or paintings, Xochitl created this way needs to be observed closely to find out the delicacy of its design. Although metallic-gray in color, vividly curled roses and their stalks on the frame tubes give the flowers and the frame alike the sense of flourishing life. Xochitl is the precious piece to be cherished.

Xochitl can also be created with painting and polishing. Painting and mirror polishing background color gives a completely different taste to sand blasting.

Xochitl is made with 3 Al/2.5 V titanium or Reynolds 953 tubing by the best frame builder in Taiwan. It possesses the characteristic light weight, high strength, and comfort of titanium or 953 bicycles. Ride on a Xochitl, and enjoy the admiration from those who share the road with you.

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