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Specialized Roubaix SL4 Expert Ultegra: Smoother is faster. The more comfortable and less fatigued you are at the end of a 4 hour ride, the stronger you'll be. Like shocks on a race car, the Zertz vibration damping inserts on the Roubaix SL4 help absorb road impact and keep power planted firmly on the road - couple that with a FACT carbon 10r frame and it's still plenty stiff to thrash around in a sprint. Just ask four time Paris-Roubaix champion Tom Boonen


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[Sep 03, 2014]
Recreational Rider


Disc Roubaix 8R, Stiff and power transfer.


Heel hits BB7 rear caliper occasionally. Easy to fix with a CX-55 or Tektros.

Replaced my 05 Comp with this 2014 SL4 Disc bike. Not as cushy as the old gal, but not as tiring to ride if I am pushing things for 50+ miles. I ride a 58 and weight a bit over 200lb.

1950.00 MSRP, paid $1475.00 for this one. Had BB7s and 9 speed Sora. I am selling of the wheels to build up something in the 1500 gram range. These Axis DT 2.0 are probably close to my LX 29er wheels in weight.

May put the pulled parts on the 05 and sell off. Already put a DA 7800 10 Speed group on it after one ride. But I gotta say the Sora 9 speed STI and Derailleurs preformed excellently on the first ride before I started unbolting them. ;)

Kind of glad I went his way with the 8R FACT bike/frame. I think the 10R and 11R FACT must be brutally stiff, this one is maybe as stiff as my LTD.

I notice Spesh sells the bottom disc SL4 with the CG-R 200.00 seat post included. I think they figured out it may have been made too stiff for the normal 'Roubaix' rider's comfort wants and need maybe.

This is a honey moon review, I just got it and have a few rides so far. thus the 4 for overall, trying not to over compensate with all 5s.

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