Fezzari T5 - Zipp 900 and 808 Triathlon Bike


So, your goal is to win your next triathlon. You're already in good shape but can't figure out how to shave that extra time off to get from 7th to 1st. You need a secret weapon. Introducing Fezzari's flagship for the Triathlon/TT market - the T5. Our goal was to build the best bike on the market in the category. So we started with the frame.The custom Fezzari Racing Design F1 3K Carbon Monocoque Aero frame was designed to be sleek, durable, light, and aerodynamic. We used the best carbon on the market - 3K carbon - and then created the frame in one piece - monocoque design. We paid particular attention to maximizing lateral stiffness by bulking up the bottom bracket shell, seat tube, seat and chain stays, and the head tube. This allows the frame to be absolutely efficient with no lateral flex, and still forgiving with vertical flex. We then worked on aerodynamics. With a head tube that looks like a missile, it becomes the center point for aerodynamics. The wind cuts smoothly around the downtube, which is shaped like a wedge, glides by the aerodynamic seatpost and rear triangle (the seat tube that wraps around the wheel) to give you the lowest drag coefficiency you can find on any bike. We then applied toxic-free paint and graphics with stencil-type decals to accentuate the carbon underneath. Next we added the highest-rated components on the market, including a full Dura-Ace TT groupo that features a 20-speed drivetrain, Dura-Ace dual-pivot brakes, and Dura-Ace TT Shifters. Then we added the number 1 selling tri bars, the FSA Carbon Base Bar and FSA Carbon Pro Clip-on bars that give full adjustability up/down and in/out. They also come with FSA Aero Levers. For the crankset, we used the new FSA Team Issue TT Carbon Crankset with external bearings for a rock-solid ride. It's the smoothest crankset you'll ever ride. You're now equipped to take your game to to the top. With every Fezzari bicycle, we custom setup of the bike through Fezzari's 23-Point Custom Setup Program.




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