Carmichael Training Systems Climbing 2 DVD Videos


It's probably safe to say that an explanation of how to be a great climber could fill volumes. Carmichael Training Systems' Climbing DVD series will do it in two hours. The first DVD gives you the basics, and this 60 minute Climbing 2 DVD goes beyond, to take an in-depth look at the bio-mechanics of pedaling in order to maximize your efficiency on the bike. You'll also learn how to focus your training time on climbing-specific power building workouts. After all, climbing is really all about power. In general terms, to climb better you need to increase your power to weight ratio and increase the duration that you can sustain these powerful efforts against gravity....learn how to maximize your climbing output while saving some juice for the descent and miles that follow... While simply increasing your power potential will go a long way towards getting you up the hills with the lead group, the best climbers have traits that separate them from the also-rans. Part of this is their ability to create or respond to accelerations on the slopes. This Climbing 2 DVD teaches you how to train for these sorts of variations in cadence and output. And if you're not routinely the fastest rider up the hills on your local training loop, chances are good that you spend a lot of time at or above your lactate threshold in order to keep up. Does this sound familiar -- climb, increase, redline, explode, limp over the top, etc? Chris Carmichael will show you how to tune into your lactate threshold and how to improve your climbing performance at your LT. Part of getting over hills fast is getting down the backside fast. Learn how to maximize your climbing output while saving some juice for the descent and miles that follow. The Carmichael Training Systems Climbing 2 DVD offers cycling-specific strength training to improve your power for climbing. You'll want to use a heart rate monitor while you train with this DVD. Of course, a powermeter will give you even more personal data to keep track of your progress.

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