Carmichael Training Systems Time Trial DVD 60 minutes Videos


It is called the race of truth. The Time Trial is arguably the most important specific discipline within road racing, and there's no question that mountain bike racing is simply a TT on dirt. This Carmichael Training Systems Time Trialing DVD has been created to address the common mistakes that hurt Time Trial performance and to develop your potential as a rider against the clock.Chris Carmichael knows a bit about this. He worked with a certain rider, not known as a specialist, who went on to win seven consecutive Tours. And on the way he won his fair share of time trials; in the '99 Tour Lance won all three timed events. Carmichael shows you how to develop cycling-specific strength aimed at the sort of sustained efforts you'll experience in a time trial. And since many aspects of a typical road race involve solitary efforts (think an attack off the front or bridging to a breakaway) as well, the improvements to your sustained output at your lactate threshold will help you in many ways. The Carmichael Training Systems Time Trial DVD is a 60-minute workout. To maximize your results while training with this DVD, you'll want to use a heart rate monitor. Of course, a powermeter would give you even more information to keep track of your progress.

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