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The Cateye Micro Wireless packs 9 functions and 10 features into a compact and easy-to-use unit. Despite its slim stature the Mico Wireless is packed with all basic functions and them some. The oversized backlit screen is easy to read in all riding conditions and the customizable display feature allows you to choose which functions are shown eliminating the need to scroll as you ride. The Cateye Micro is available in Black and White. 126 grams claimed. 53.5 x 36.0 x 17.5mm.


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[Jun 12, 2015]


Simple to program, night-mode backlight for is perfect for me, overall price, not too many functions and measurements, visual instructions helped a lot


I don't like that one can only have a maximum of 5mm of space between the magnet and the sensor. That made it almost completely incompatible for my Raleigh Super Course. I ended up using cardboard in order to bring the magnet to a close enough distance.

I've heard many good things about CatEye so I decided to go with a few of its products. I don't need a super-complicated computer with a whole lot of functions and measurements so something like this which is simple seemed perfect for me. I could've gone the cheap route and bought a Bell brand version at the local Wal-Mart, but I've long since learned that you get what you pay for, and bicycles/parts are no exception. Programming the computer was relatively easy once I got the hang of the buttons. The longest part of the installation was figuring out how to close the distance between the sensor and the magnet. 5 millimeters is a lot smaller than you think! I ended up doing a stereotypical "there, I fixed it" solution by using cardboard to help retain the magnet and mount while closing the distance with the sensor. That was the only way I was able to make it compatible with my Raleigh Super Course. Other bicycles may not have this compatibility problem, so overall that's really the only thing I can criticize about this device.

Note: others may have trouble reading the instructions based on reviews elsewhere, but I'm enjoying my youth and didn't have trouble reading them.

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