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[Sep 24, 2003]
Road Racer


* Very small, but still a good size display. * Simple operation * Easy to calibrate and accurate (tested against GPS) * Big speed display, always visible, with smaller display for other functions like avg speed or trip distance. * Gives you exactly the info you need without too much garbage or complexity. * Mounting bracket puts computer over stem leaving top of bar relatively unobscured.


* Only works for one bike-- When you change wheel size you have to reset the whole computer, which loses odometer info. (simple solution, buy another one) * No cadence, but this is a $15 computer after all... * A bit low on bells-and-whistles functions (see last comment) * Interference between sensor and wheel magnet with thicker carbon fork. Had to put the magnet on an opposite spoke to get some clearance.

NOTE: This computer is called both the 8 and 9 function computer. Same thing, the mystery extra function is a "scan" mode, which really isn't a function, per se. Lots of cyclocomputers out there... I just wanted to get one that worked and really didn't want to wade through all the specs to find out what computers were good and which was good to buy. Then I saw this thing on sale for $9. Figured can't go TOO wrong with it, at that price, so I got two. That way I would have something to hold me over until I got a better computer. Well, in the meantime, I've realized that I don't really need a better computer. This thing is basic, and simple, and works like a champ, and has not let me down at all. Been through rain and such and no problems, it survives crashes better than I do, and when it comes down to it, it just plain works. Not loaded down with a bunch of funtions, and even at that there are a couple I don't bother using. Easy to set up, and don't need the manual after the first reading. Normal price is $15, and even at that this thing is a really safe bet and a great little computer. It really needs more than a 5 rating on value, since many folks rate computers more than 4x this price as a 5 for value.

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